Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Woodward Enhanced PakTrakr Logging Display Now in for Testing

Got the display last week, before the big Propane Explosion in the area near Downsview, caused a mess in any kind of regular plans! Have got the PakTrakr now installed, the Serial Interface installed, and the Woodward enhanced Display installed in a test position also (like the PakTrakr Display!).

At first glance - it seems like it would help reduce the abuse on the batteries, and - using the logging function - of the Woodward Display - gives a record of the trip or day or month - depending on the duration I leave the SD card in and it's size! currently - I have been pulling the card after each trip to grab the data and save it as a different file so as to work with it.

Tonight I put in a clean 256 MB SD Card, while charging up the batteries, for an all night run. It will be a big file (since - it logs a line of data each second, which - I understand - is a fixed rate, and that is 60 x 60 x ~ 6-8 Hours overnight, so a lot of lines to look at!!

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