Friday, July 25, 2008

The BattEQ's have arrived!

They're Here!

All 4 of them arrived today - Delivered by UPS, I picked them up but will not get a chance to install them for a few days as I am working on some other projects just now that will likely take up this week!

Besides the news link on the blog - I just added Amazon Links - hopefull they will get good links to books, DVD's and such of relavance!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Equalisers Almost Here - Enhanced PakTrakr Display ordered

Just checked with UPS Tracking - The BattEQ LA-100-12V Equalisers order from Grants Pass EV are almost here!! (Passed over the border already and on their way to Toronto, to get sorted for local delivery tomorrow!!)

One thing I have been noticing - is that even though I have individual Smart Chargers - the Finising voltages on the batteries is not always the same - but - after some time they level off at 13.2 Volts.

Also - for my PakTrakr, have ordered the logging version of the Enhanced Display - and the current sensor - so I can record the battery conditions (Pre-Equalizer Install) for the purposes of a possible battery warranty replacement on Battery #2 and #6 - as they are going through an initial voltage increase under load (compared to the packs other batteries) and then doing a major sag, with #2 worse, but #6 not far behind, both going under 12V while the others are about 12.5!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BattEQ Battery Equalizers Ordered!

I ordered 4 BattEQ 12Vx100A Equalizers on July 9, 2008 from Grants Pass Electric Vehicles, Oregon! Got a great price at $595 + $20 Shipping. (usual cost - list @ $199 ea. = $792.00)
Should be here shortly - coming by UPS!

I have been driving the car as usual and at my last charge-up noticed that Battery #2 again is low - this time at about 20% while most were at 80 - 85% and one was at 65%, so there may be some issues regarding replacement before equalizing is installed!

Having received the PakTrakr (Basic), and considering this issue - it is suggestive of the need or value of the PakTrakr Accessory: Add-on Display + Data Logger, then we can analyse the battery and determine it's issues compared to the others in the pack much easier.

I spoke last Thursday to Paul Olsen at Ontario Battery Services, and described this issue and he suggested - with some testing we might be able to verify it is indeed a bad battery and be able to go for a warranty replacement! (That should give me a better pack to work with the Equalizers too!)

Summer Break (Vacation?) Plant Shutdown! (July 18th ... can I get the car stuff all done and still have some time to get away???) [3 weeks off]

Saturday, July 5, 2008

MyElectricfly's Energy Use

From May 5th to July 5th, I have charged the 'electricfly' 12 times, driven just 140 Kms (kilometers), use 30.72 kWh, for a total cost of $3.69, with an average distance per charge of 11.73 Km, and average energy use of 2.56 kWh per charge, 218.18 Watt Hours per Km. (21.8 kWh per 100 Km)

My two best energy use figures - however accurate they are - 66.67 Wh/Km, and 100 Wh/Km.

My two worst energy use figures - 284.68 Wh/Km and 276.47 Wh/Km.

At todays Gas price at the pumps for Regular of $1.365 per Litre (Shell at 909 Wilson Ave) - and my average actual price usage of $2.62 per 100 Km, equals an equivalent of:
1.91 L/100 Km fuel consumption rate (123.15 MPG), while my worst case of 284.68 Wh/Km works out to $3.70 per 100 Km or:
2.71 L/100 Km. (86.80 MPG).

For reference - 1 l/100 km = 235.214583 miles per gallon.